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A Cymbalta lawsuit can help victims of this dangerous drug recover for their pain, suffering and medical bills. In addition, a Cymbalta lawsuit can help those who were forced to miss work or cannot resume work as a result of their harm caused by Cymbalta. If you are facing significant and severe side effects as a result of your use of Cymbalta and would like to speak with a qualified and experienced legal representative, contact our law offices today to schedule an initial consultation.

A consultation is a preliminary meeting between a Cymbalta lawyer and a potential plaintiff seeking damages. In a Cymbalta lawsuit, the plaintiff (injured party) contends that the drug harmed him/her and seeks recover in the form of a monetary award. If your Cymbalta lawsuit reaches a civil trial, the jury will decide the amount of your award. Many cases, however, do not reach the trial stage and are settled between your Cymbalta lawyer and the drug manufacturer for an amount agreed upon between both parties.

Cymbalta has been linked with the increased risk of suicidal thoughts and tendencies. This was showcased during a clinical study of the drug in which an otherwise healthy subject successfully attempted suicide during the trial period. This drug is also considered especially risky for use by children under age 18 and similarly can cause an increased risk of suicidal tendencies.

Cymbalta has also been linked with a heightened risk of withdrawal issues. Many patients were not aware of these risks when they agreed to begin taking Cymbalta and likely would not have agreed to drug treatment with this particular prescription had they known the gravity of the potential for harm. By pursuing a Cymbalta lawsuit, injured victims can find peace of mind that their financial situation will not be as hard-hit by this dangerous anti-depressant as their health and physical well-being.

If you are considering a Cymbalta lawsuit, contact us today. We are a nationwide Cymbalta law firm dedicated to advocacy for injured patients and encourage you to call our offices to schedule a consultation with a Cymbalta attorney as soon as possible.

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