How Do I Get Overtime I am Due?

Sometimes businesses do not realize that they are supposed to pay overtime for certain employees.

Other times, businesses make a simple calculation of the cost of paying overtime versus the cost of not paying overtime and taking the risk that they will not be sued for failing to pay it. Depending on how many employees will be affected, the reward of not paying overtime to their non-exempt employees may be lower than the risk for them getting sued for it.

At Deskin Law Firm we will help you determine whether we believe you are entitled to overtime by looking at the particulars of your employment situation. If we determine that you are entitled to overtime, we will help you get what you are owed whether this is a simple and non-confrontational letter and discussion on your behalf with your employer or employment litigation against your employer.

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If you believe that you are not getting overtime wages when you should use our detailed Overtime Compensation Question form to send us a detailed question about your overtime situation.