Employment, Defective Devices and Drugs, Class Actions & Government Fraud Lawyers of the People

Employment, Defective Devices and Drugs, Class Actions & Government Fraud Lawyers

Deskin Law Firm stands upon principles of fairness and integrity as it represents individuals against companies. We are dedicated to helping employees recognize fair and just treatment by their employers and are available to assist those workers subject to inequality in the workplace. As well, whether you have been injured by a dangerous prescription drug, faulty medical device or a hazardous consumer product our legal advocacy can help you recover the compensation you rightly deserve. In addition, our law firm is particularly active in whistleblower litigation, also known as qui tam, and has helped recover substantial sums of money fraudulently obtained by businesses from the federal government.

» Employment Law for Employees. As an employee, there are a number of different ways an employer can discriminate or mistreat you while on the job. One of the most common grievances relayed to us by our clients is the insistence of employers in refusing to pay workers’ overtime despite clear-cut federal and state laws mandating overtime pay. Other unscrupulous employers may try to bilk employees out of rightful pay for hours worked or retaliate against workers for standing up for the law against their employer. In many scenarios, employers use intimidation tactics to lure employees away from the prospect of filing a claim for unpaid wages and, sadly, many employees back down and decide not to exercise their rights.

If you are facing a difficult workplace challenge and would like to recover due wages, overtime pay or believe you were discriminated against for exercising your rights, Deskin Law Firm can help you. By contacting us as soon as possible, you are on the right track toward recovering the wages you deserve.

» Class Actions. Deskin Law Firm is also experienced and astute in the procedural and legal requirements of class action lawsuits. A class action is one in which a number of similarly-situated plaintiffs raise a claim against a defendant for similar issues and damages. Class actions are sometimes preferable to individual claims as they promote economy and efficiency- especially in the context of widespread statewide or nationwide injuries. If you believe you are in a situation which might warrant a class action, contact us right away to review your case.

» Defective Drugs and Medical Devices. Defective medical devices and dangerous drugs are, unfortunately, one of the most common reasons for a personal injury lawsuit in the United States today. Deskin Law Firm lawyers are familiar with pharmaceutical litigation. Not only are we not intimidated by large pharmaceutical corporations, but we are eager to help injured plaintiffs recover the compensation they deserve. In the wake of a devastating injury or side effect caused by a dangerous medical device or drug, you need a lawyer on your side you can trust to expertly handle your case. The attorneys of Deskin Law Firm will not only treat your case with the utmost care and concern, but will provide consistent feedback and updates about the progress of your case and recent precedential developments.

» Fraud Against the Government. As a taxpayer, you can bring qui tam, or whistleblower, litigation to recover funds dispersed by the federal government under false pretenses. In other words, if you have information or knowledge that a business or entity is unlawfully receiving federal funds either through contract work or federal program money, you could be entitled to up to 25% of the recovery amount in the event the qui tam action is successful. Fraudulent activity can range from doctored billing to bribery and Deskin Law Firm is ready to tackle your whistleblower case head on.

If you are facing any of these situations and would like to speak with a lawyer who knows the law and can expertly advise you, contact Deskin Law Firm today.

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