Lawyers Against Defective Drugs and Medical Devices

Deskin Law Firm is comprised of legal advocates experienced in handling cases involving defective drugs and medical devices. These cases commonly involve widespread injuries caused by prescription medications and medical devices. Mass torts, by definition, include extensive harm caused by a single consumer product. These claims typically also involve a significant financial recovery against the product manufacturer as courts and lawmakers are eager to ensure that future harm is not caused by similar consumer products or medical devices.

Dangerous prescription drugs often pave the way for subsequent mass tort litigation. Mass torts are so-named due to their widespread and often national characteristics. When a drug manufacturer markets and sells a hazardous and injurious drug, the effects of this product will be felt by plaintiffs across the nation. Mass tort cases encourage centralized management of these cases, assuming it will be efficient for the parties, and may even offer the opportunity for coordinated discovery processes.

Medical devices are another common target of mass tort cases and, when defective, have the potential to injure thousands of patients across the country. If you recently endured a painful revision surgery or follow-up procedure to repair a faulty or defective implantation device, Deskin Law Firm can assist you in commencing a claim against the manufacturer responsible for your pain and suffering.

It is important to note that a mass tort claim differs from a class action lawsuit in that the plaintiff maintains his or her individual claim throughout the duration of the action. If you were recently injured by a medical device or prescription drug and are interested in pursuing a claim against the drug maker or manufacturer who provided you with the dangerous product, we encourage you to contact our offices today. We are a law firm with experience handling mass tort claims and encourage you to seriously consider pursuing your claim for damages. In the wake of your injury, we can help you recover the compensation you deserve.