Grounds by Which an Employer Discriminates

Employers cannot discriminate against you because of your race, national origin, gender, religion and because of other characteristics. They also cannot discriminate against you because you associate with (are related to, are friends with or are married to) people who are of a who are of a race, national origin, gender, religion that they do not like.

Employers are not allowed to discriminate against employees or applicants for employment in regards to any of the following characteristics:

- Race or Color Discrimination,
- National Origin Discrimination,
- Ancestry Discrimination (in California),
- Sex and Gender Discrimination,
- Sexual Orientation Discrimination (in California),
- Marital Status Discrimination (in California),
- Pregnancy Discrimination,
- Age Discrimination (if 40 or older),
- Physical or Mental Disability Discrimination,
- Medical Condition Discrimination (in California),
- Religious Discrimination, and
- Military Status Discrimination.

» Review The Other Three Factors To Determine If You Are Protected Against Discrimination

To determine whether you are protected against discrimination from your employer, there are three other things to consider:
1. Whether you are considered an employee who is covered under the law.
2. Whether your employer is subject to the anti-discrimination laws.
3. Whether your employer's conduct is considered discriminatory under the law.
4. What reason your employer discriminates against you.

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