AutoZone Inc Class Action

Class Action Plaintiff: Michael Taylor, et al.
Class Action Defendants: AutoZone Inc. et al.
Class Action Case Number: 3:10-cv-08125

Class Action Allegations: In this action, current and former employees of AutoZone seek to recover unpaid overtime compensation and other benefits of employment to which they are entitled. For at least three years prior to filing this Complaint, AutoZone has improperly classified some of its employees, including "Store Managers" as exempt, thereby denying them compensation for hours worked in excess of 40 per work week.

As a Store Manager, job duties involved minimal managerial tasks. Most job tasks were the same as those of non-exempt employees. These non-management job tasks included entering orders into AutoZone’s computer system, entering product shipments into AutoZone’s computer system, stocking merchandise, arranging product in the store pursuant to AutoZone’s detailed plan-o-grams, operating the cash register, opening and/or closing the store, and serving customers.

Store Managers spend minimal time doing things that involved management, using AutoZone’s computer system to schedule other workers, visiting customers with the Commercial Accounts Manager. AutoZone stores were intentionally understaffed, which required Store Managers to pick up the slack, basically working as a full-time sales clerk in addition to whatever “management” tasks were required by AutoZone.

Store Managers are closely monitored and supervised by District Managers. District Managers call daily to discuss in detail the previous day’s sales and operations, giving specific instructions regarding what needed to be accomplished in the store that day (for example, setting up a new display, meeting sales goals for specific items, staff assignments, etc.).

If you believe that you have also been harmed because of AutoZone's actions, feel free to contact us to discuss a role in this class action.