Rules for a Class Action

We are happy to help you figure out whether you have a class action case. Here are some of the basic rules that an attorney uses to determine if an individual or small group of people can adequately represent the interests of many in a class action:

  • The Number of People Affected: The actions of the Corporate defendant has to affect so many people that it is more practical for a single or few representative individuals to address the claims than for all the people who were harmed to bring their own personal lawsuits. So, for example, if a small number of people are adversely affected by an employer in their hiring practices, they can each file their own lawsuits. But if many people were harmed, a class action would allow for a few to represent the many.
  • Whether the Plaintiffs have Common Claims: The claims must raise similar questions of law or fact so that it saves time to lump everybody together into one case. So, for example, if lots of people bought a product that was marketed to provide certain benefits, but in fact it did not provide those benefits, a class action may be the way to handle the complaint.
  • The Representative's Situation is Typical of the Group: The individuals or small group of people who bring the class action must have a situation that is similar to their situation that the larger class shares; they must have the same claims and defenses as those that they are representing. So, for example, in a race discrimination case where a large group of people who were of the same race did not get a raise in pay when all of their co-workers did get a raise there may be a race-discrimination class action to benefit the people of the same race that did not get a raise.

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