Celexa Autism & Birth Defects Attorney

Celexa is a prescription anti-depressant drug marketed and manufactured by Forrest Laboratories. This drug is capable of altering delicate brain chemistry in order to help sufferers of conditions like generalized anxiety disorder and major depression disorder. Celexa is also linked to the onset of autism and birth defects in children exposed prenatally and is under increasing scrutiny by the FDA and other groups concerned about its effect on unborn children.

Celexa autism and birth defects is a major concern for health care providers as pregnant women are up to 25% more likely to experience anxiety and depression during the pregnancy experience. Many women have been prescribed anti-depressants like Celexa for their notable positive effects on mood and personality. Unfortunately, research also reveals an undeniable link between the use of Celexa and the subsequent development of autism and birth defects.

Autism is a developmental disorder marked by decreased advances in a child’s social and cognitive progression. Many children with autism require medication, therapy and specialized schooling in order to combat the symptoms and side effects of their illness. Autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASD’s) are increasingly common in the United States and many health care providers are concerned that the over-prescribing of medications like Celexa during pregnancy is to blame.

Celexa birth defects can range from treatable to deadly and include limb and cranial abnormalities, heart and lung defects and infant death. Children exposed to Celexa during the first trimester of gestation are up to three times more likely to develop a birth defect than those not exposed at all. Children born with severe birth defects often require extensive follow-up procedures and extended hospital stays to ensure they survive. This can leave significant emotional and financial burdens on concerned parents eager to help their children beat their condition.

If you were prescribed Celexa during pregnancy and your child developed autism or a birth defect, you are likely considering your legal options. One such option is to pursue a personal injury claim for damages related to your financial hardship in the wake of autism or a birth defect. A personal injury lawsuit is a civil remedy designed to help injured plaintiffs recover the money they expended as a result of injuries caused by a defendant. If you are interested in pursuing a claim against the makers of this dangerous drug, contact our law firm today.