Paxil Autism and Birth Defects Attorney

Medical professionals across the nation are beginning to uncover a possible link between the use of the drug Paxil during pregnancy and the subsequent development of autism and autism spectrum disorders in the child. The introduction of toxins like Paxil during pregnancy may be to blame for disorders like Heller’s Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not-Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) and Asperger’s Syndrome, as well as traditional autism.

As a parent with a child facing autism, you are not alone in your fight to provide the best possible care for your child’s condition. Understandably, you may be having doubts as to how your financial situation will ever meet the burden of your child’s condition. You may be facing significant bills from specialists, special needs educators, doctor visits and prescription drug co-pays. Fortunately, the law recognizes vehicles by which parents can recover the costs of some of the medical expenses incurred as a result of their child’s exposure to the dangerous drug Paxil.

Other parents whose children were exposed to Paxil are grappling with severe birth defects likely brought about by the prenatal use of this drug and its disastrous side effects. Paxil birth defects can range from the most severe – heart and lung defects, to highly debilitating limb and cranial defects. Most Paxil-induced birth defects require extensive corrective surgeries and follow-up monitoring – all at the parents’ expense.

Paxil autism and birth defects can be very expensive for parents with sub-par health coverage or no coverage at all. Even for parents with adequate health insurance, constant co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses can become very financially burdensome. A personal injury lawsuit is a civil proceeding designed to help parents recover some of all of the money expended to cover their child’s autism or birth defects.

If you were prescribed Paxil while pregnant and your child subsequently developed autism or birth defects, do not hesitate to contact our law offices as soon as possible. We are a nationwide law firm with the requisite passion and dedication to help you recover the compensation you and your family deserves.