Hernial & Transvaginal Mesh Attorney

Thousands of women across the United States have struggled with the onset of conditions like pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence. These conditions cause a number of problems including pain, bleeding and loss of bladder control. Many patients have turned to products like the hernial mesh or trans-vaginal mesh devices which are touted as surefire “fixes” for the side effects of these medical conditions. However, recent discoveries by patients and the medical community have prompted the FDA to issue a clear cut warning: hernial mesh and trans-vaginal mesh products are dangerous and can cause more harm than good.

Patients injured by a hernial mesh or trans-vaginal mesh product may find themselves emotionally and financially burdened. When a medical device fails, it is almost inevitable that a corrective surgical procedure is to follow. In addition, many patients are forced to miss time from work- often unpaid. Mounting medical bills coupled with a reduced income can cause stress and devastation for many families. For this reason, patients in nearly every state have commenced personal injury lawsuits to recover the costs of hernial mesh and trans-vaginal mesh failure.

A mesh lawyer is one with experience in personal injury lawsuits as they relate to the trans-vaginal mesh and hernial mesh products. These lawyers understand the unique needs of women facing a defective mesh product as well as the onslaught of follow-up procedures necessary when one of these devices fails. By contacting a mesh lawyer at the first sign of trouble, patients can begin their claim knowing that they could soon recover nearly all of the money expended due to their defective trans-vaginal mesh or hernial mesh product.

The most common problems reported with the trans-vaginal mesh or hernial mesh include infection, perforation of the pelvic muscles, urinary incontinence, scarring, erosion of the pelvic tissue, bleeding and painful sexual intercourse. These side effects are often more painful and interfering than the symptoms of the original condition and can have a negative and adverse effect on the quality of each patient’s life.

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