Pristiq Autism Attorney

A Pristiq lawyer can help plaintiffs wishing to sue on behalf of their children who were injured or harmed by this dangerous drug. Pristiq is a powerful anti-depressant belonging to the SSRI category of mood stabilizers. This means that Pristiq is able to alter a patient’s brain chemistry so as to correct certain personality disorders such as major depression disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. Unfortunately, as may parents are realizing, Pristiq may also be responsible for the onslaught of autism and autism spectrum disorder cases that are likely linked to the use of Pristiq during pregnancy.

Many mothers were once prescribed SSRI drugs during pregnancy to help manage the symptoms of depression and anxiety as these conditions affect up to 25% of women during pregnancy. However, recent medical research has led to the position taken by my physicians and obstetricians: SSRI’s are too dangerous to a developing fetus and should not be taken at any point during a pregnancy.

A Pristiq lawyer can help you and your family receive the compensation you deserve following your child’s diagnosis of autism or an autism spectrum disorder. While lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies are not guaranteed to be successful, many pharmaceutical companies are eager to settle with injured plaintiffs as opposed to participating in a lengthy and public trial. Therefore, it is in the best interests of you and your family to commence your lawsuit with a Pristiq lawyer as soon as possible.

A Pristiq lawyer will begin your case by meeting with you and your family for an initial consultation. An initial consultation will basically involve you sharing your story with your Pristiq lawyer as he or she takes notes about your case. Your lawyer may wish to review certain medical documents or evidence regarding the use of Pristiq and the child’s resulting autism. From there, your Pristiq lawyer will share with you whether it is in your best interests to proceed with the case and, if so, how to begin the civil lawsuit process.

If you were prescribed Pristiq during pregnancy and your child now suffers from autism, we encourage you to contact our offices as soon as possible. We are a professional law corporation with many years’ experience in handling cases against the large pharmaceutical corporations and would be happy to review your case with you.